Getting into the chaos of threat landscape?

Traditional security tools don’t cut!

  • Sophisticated threats are evolving at Gen-AI pace.
  • External and internal threat actors are added disadvantage.
  • Chaos of tools and platform to deal with risk management.
  • No proper unified and standardized solutions.
  • Lack of automation.
  • Too long to fix, update or remediate, and even recover.


Innovation with Old-School!

Fundamentals are the core of the innovation. That’s what Tarian cooks on!

  • Context based detection
  • Runtime detection
  • Lightweight
  • Modern Kernel technology
  • Continuous enhancement with proprietary AI and secured Gen-AI
  • Enhance governance, risk and compliance


Continuous Evolution!

Stay ahead of evolving threats with a proactive and adaptive mindset.

  • eBPF kernel programming
  • Linux Security Modules (LSM) with eBPF, XDP, etc.
  • AppArmor, SELinux
  • Monitoring, Observability, Profiling and Alerts
  • Multi Dimensional Context building
  • Auto Policies generation
  • Auto threat elimination with AI/ML
  • Context-based anomaly detection
  • Zero Instrumentation
  • Quick Adoption


Extended plug-ins and Integrations

Data-Driven contexts with cloud-native favorites! Security Enablement!

  • Git, Containers, GitOps, KubViz, etc.
  • openTelemetry
  • Prometheus
  • Profiling
  • Kernel level detection with hooks
  • Tested compatibility with CO-RE (compile once and run everywhere)
  • Secure Software Supply Chain tool kits
  • Intelligence with our own AI/ML
  • Detection Engineering
  • Security Chaos Engineering

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