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Speed vs Security

  • Technical Debt: Substandard code quality resulting from skill gaps and vendor lock-ins inhibiting customization can slow delivery, increase security risks, and limit growth.
  • Security Issues: Neglecting security measures exposes customers to significant risks, including identity theft, data loss, and other serious security threats.
  • Lack of Control: Low-Code/No-Code platforms fall short in providing the customization, constant code improvement, and security resolution that innovative solutions for complex products require.

How Compage makes it Easy?

Draw, Visualize, Generate, Customize, Validate & Deliver - Safeguard your Software Supply Chain

Compage offers a powerful solution for those who want to take control of their software development process and stay ahead of the curve. Our unique diagram-to-code approach creates code for multiple programming languages, giving developers more flexibility and freedom than ever before. With our backend automation and coding flexibility, you can break free from the limitations of low-code and no-code platforms and boost your productivity.

  • Automate Source Code Generation: Boost productivity by reducing project time from months or weeks to days.
  • Clean Code with Go and Rust: Protect your code against vulnerabilities, and improve performance and reliability.
  • Create Flexibly: Generate code for REST API, gRPC, GraphQL, CLI tools,, WebAssembly, Event Driven, Pub-Sub, Workflows and more.
  • Gain 100% Visibility with Code-level Governance: Address potential risks earlier in the development cycle, ensure compliance with standards, and follow industry best practices. Secure Code in Development stage itself.
  • Literally Zero Vendor Lock-in: Use the generated code with the tech stack of your choice, adapt to changing business needs, and scale for growth.

Integrations & Features

No Limits on what you can achieve!

Developers’ tool that stays with you always. Making it possible via open source. Compage is constantly growing with new Features!

  • Programming Language Agnostic
  • Feasible versioning
  • Auto Instrument with Modern Cloud Native Monitoring and Observability tools
  • Adopt new technologies easily with built-in integrations, like containerization, serverless, kubernetes, webassembly, etc.
  • Easily adopt software supply chain security framework(s)
  • and many more…

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